[01/16] “I went on line to www.Enviroorange.com and ordered a sample of it. This stuff in not only incredible – it is actually not detrimental to the environment. Clean house. Clean Planet….talk about a win-win situation!”
Mr. P.R. Thompson

[07/14] “We tried EnviroOrange to clean our kitchen stove. It worked awesome. We are very impressed and will continue to use it to tackle tough household jobs.”
Carolyn O

[07/12] “We love the “greener side” of this product and are equally impressed with how effective it works. The products effectiveness doesn’t seem to be compromised by the fact that it a greener than most other household cleaners. ”
Ruth M

[06/10] “I use my enviroOrange for everything! But what I like about it most is that I can use if for my dog messes….I have hard wood floors and and when Bella has an accident it takes away all the smell and is safe on my hardwood floors. I love the smell and that I only have to use the one spray bottle for all of my everyday cleaning……Thank you for the bottle….and I will definately head to Nesters when I need another bottle!!! Have a great day! ”
Wendy Lasure, CRA Account Manager
QMFM and Talk 1410 radio

[05/09] “Just a little goes a long way! I love the fact that I can use it for everything! ”
Josianne G.

[03/09] “I bought a bottle of EnviroOrange from the Langley Trade Show and used it on my bathroom…WOW was it ever amazing! I am so glad I bought it…I will continue using it everywhere I can!”
Mrs.Levy and family.