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EO Kits


    125ml concentrate + empty spray btl



    18 per case

1 Litre




    12 per case

4 Litre

1 Gallon



    Purchase 3 cases get 1 free

20 L Pail

5 Gallon



    Buy 3 get 1 free

Dare to Compare: How does EnviroOrange stack up to the competitors?

1L of Windex cost on average $4.99, while 1L of EnviroOrange (based on a 120:1 Dilution) costs ONLY $0.21! That is a savings of $4.78 and you saved not only money but the planet. Another example is that of Scrubbing Bubbles. 1L of Scrubbing Bubbles average $6.00. EnviroOrange based on the 120:1 Dilution ratio costs only $1.25 – a savings of $4.75!

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Product Name Size Cost Unit(s) / Case(s)
EO Kits
125ml (4fl.oz.) $12.95 Retail
Case (18 units per case) $179.10
1 Litre
1L (33.8fl.oz.) $24.95 Retail
Case (12 units per case) $275.00
4 Litre
4L (1 gallon) $72.94 Retail
Case (4 units per case) $225.00
20 Litre Pail
20L (5 gallon) $240.00 Retail
Case (4 units per case) $720.00

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