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CANADA TM Registration #: TMA894609
USA: #3782378
Federated Coop FCL#3971

Q & A

Q. Why did my windows streak?
A. If the dilution is too strong it will streak the windows. You only need a few drops in a spray bottle (it should look like foamy water). If you decide to have the mix stronger to make the anti-fog last longer…just buff the streaks with a dry towel.

Q. Is EnviroOrange certified green?
A. Yes, it has been approved by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency). CFIA is Canada’s federal food safety, animal health and plant protection enforcement agency.

Q. My carpet stain came back a few days later…..why is that?
A. Sometimes if a stain has been sitting for a long period of time it can soak into the padding underneath. It will take a few treatments for it to appear completely gone.

Q. Why do you only sell one product?
A. Our goal is to do our part by REPLACING as many chemicals as we can with our one product.

Q. Do you have a manual for the EnviroOrange product?
A. Yes, you can download or view our manual by clicking below. (Click here for ENIVROORANGE MANUAL)

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